Portrait Photography Workshop

Price: $199

    • – Saturday 16th July, 1pm-5pm
    • – Saturday 5th November, 1pm-5pm

In this workshop you’ll learn how to take studio-style portraits using both natural light and studio flash.

Are you wanting to set up a studio at your home or office, or wanting to capture amazing studio portraits of people but unsure where to start? Held at Michaels Camera Hire in St Kilda, this workshop is a great opportunity to learn about the technical and creative attributes of studio portraiture as well as capture some amazing images of a professional model. In this workshop you’ll learn:

– How to set up flashes to create different styles of images
– Why to choose natural light or flash
– The different technical principles of light
– How to photograph a professional model
– How to read light in other pictures and replicate them
– How to work within small spaces to produce amazing results