About Us

Founded in the midst of the great lockdowns of 2021, Kindred Cameras was conceived by a small group of photographic practitioners as a way to share their knowledge with the rest of the community. While most of Melbourne’s photographic education is highly structured, formal and inflexible, Kindred Cameras aims to provide a quality learning environment to those interested in the technical and creative elements of photography and video – without all the baggage of the big institutions. 

Our classes are designed to suit those of all skill levels and focus on a pick-and-choose style of educational experience. They are taught by experienced professionals in an encouraging and supportive environment, with small class sizes to maximise value for students. We don’t offer fancy degrees, diplomas or certificates, but we do offer a place to create amazing images and connect with like minded people who have a passion for creativity.

Kindred Cameras is supported by 

Chris Bowes

Chris Bowes is a photographer, artist and educator who left his hometown of Brisbane for the greener pastures of Melbourne back in 2017. Chris lives and breathes photography in both his personal and professional life and has taught at several photographic institutions including RMIT and Michaels Cameras.

Heading the educational arm of Kindred Cameras, Chris believes in a hands-on learning environment where students can practice skills in real world scenarios. Known to keep his classes fun and casual, Chris ensures all his students fully understand the processes they are being taught so they can walk away from class with an SD card full of great images and a database of photographic knowledge.

Jade Richards-Butler

Jade Richards-Butler is a lens-based artist, arts administrator and the co-founder of Kindred Cameras. Jade is passionate about art and education, and throughout her career has run kid-friendly art classes while also working behind the scenes in several art galleries and photographic institutions.

Along with helping Chris teach classes, Jade handles the administrative side of Kindred Cameras, a job that Chris doesn’t envy. She’s enthusiastic about making Kindred Cameras an inclusive environment for people of all walks of life to enjoy the wonders of photography and video.